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Safe Spaces Steering Group

The role of the recently enlisted Safe Spaces steering group is to provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure that victims/survivors of church-related abuse are supported and heard.

The steering group meet tri-annually and victims and survivors in this group will be engaged in designing and shaping the development of the Safe Spaces project via for example, design of website and designing and reviewing resources.

The work of this group will evolve as the group meets and brings development ideas.

Safe Spaces Development Network

If you’d like to keep up to date with the service, please consider our development network.

The network will help us to continuously improve, but won’t involve formal meetings. It will function virtually, by email consultations or online votes.

If you are interested in joining the network email us at


Independent Evaluation of the Safe Spaces Service

Rocket Science, an independent research and evaluation organisation, has been commissioned by Safe Spaces England Wales (SSEW) to evaluate the Safe Spaces service, delivered by Victim Support.

The evaluation will cover:

  • The extent of service uptake
  • What aspects of the service worked well and what seemed to be less useful or helpful to victims and survivors
  • If the resource levels for the project were appropriate to the level of demand?
  • If there is evidence from the pilot to support the service (in full or part) being extended beyond the pilot?
  • If there is evidence from the pilot to suggest that an alternative service type may be more beneficial to survivors and victims of church-related abuse?

The key areas in scope for the evaluation are: the advocacy service (telephone and live chat), grants service, website and online resources and victim and survivor engagement.

One of the aims of the evaluation is to understand the impact of the service for those who have accessed it. If you are currently being supported by Safe Spaces or have previously been in contact with the service, they would like to hear about your experience.  An on-line survey is available below

The survey should take no more than 7 minutes to complete, all answers are completely anonymous and confidential and the survey only asks about your experience of using the Safe Spaces service.

Rocket Science would also appreciate direct contact from any victims and survivors who have accessed the Safe Spaces service, or have views on the service, and would like to participate in the evaluation.

Please contact

Alternatively, you can contact to discuss the evaluation further.


0300 303 1056


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